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How to start your own online casino

A player-centric user experience

As we mentioned above: satisfying player demand deserves the closest attention, because their behavior on the casino platform determines the success of the project. And the hardest part of this process is giving players a smart and engaging tour of your offerings, so that, in the end, they can be impressed and choose what they would like to enjoy.

At the same time, the path from the first impression to the first spin of the reel should be as short and as unobtrusive as possible. The registration process should not scare away its complexity and slalom. It would be good to highlight the deposit button for intuitiveness in finding them. In turn, game content should be grouped according to the most popular requests: genre or volatility of games. Remember: players should not search — they should organically come to what they want. And one more thing: it’s not enough to attract them — you have to involve them in the process as well. Players are not spectators, but active participants in the life of your platform.

And users must have their own functionality to lead an active life. For example, the ability to personalize the site at their own discretion — something that would help players create their own comfort within your online casino. Customizability is an effective tool for attracting and retaining players, сheck out joe fortune features now on their website. In addition, don’t neglect the widgets available to display players current information and bonuses, tournament winners, new games.

Visual attractiveness

Just as people are judged by their appearance, online platforms fall under a visual scan before attention goes to the functional part of the site. Therefore, developing a harmonious design requires careful consideration: color scheme, dominant palette, size of banners and buttons, location of the latter and many other aspects.


Sometimes online casinos, as well as administrative websites of governments, are subjected to hacker attacks. For this reason, during the gambling license process, authorities make sure that your project is protected from all fronts, requiring quality software, and at the same time, reliable systems for tracking potential risks.

For example, misuse of bonuses can be stopped by careful identification. As repulsive as it may seem, an online casino owner should think about safeguarding their income and preventing controversial situations involving problem gambling, as well as players below the acceptable age limit using fake IDs. To be safe from threats, you need to add advanced technology to your platform, whether it’s modules, third-party software or Know Your Customer tools.

Quality game content

It’s not at all hard to guess what the ultimate destination is for the players themselves! There are as many people as there are opinions, and to accommodate all opinions — the variety of game content should be as great as possible (within very adequate boundaries). You do not have to worry about the diversity of games: game content developers are developing in a highly competitive environment, trying not only to meet the demand, but also to generate it.

In the context of game selection, the earlier analysis of the target audience, taking into account its territorial and cultural peculiarities, will help. Thematic sketches volatility indicators, functions, betting limits — you should not underestimate the parameters by which users themselves judge game developments. After all, there is a reason why there is a list of leading games in certain markets!

Live dealer gambling question

Here it is also appropriate to think about sports betting. Depending on the preferences of the audience, it is logical to focus on what is in high demand among betting players, without ignoring popular international events.

It is rather strange to refuse live dealer games, which are not only gaining in popularity, but have already managed to prove their advantage over land-based casinos, which under certain circumstances may be closed for an indefinite period. In addition, an audience that appreciates the social side of the game goes for the real — live — experience. For games with live dealers.

What about the classics? The circle of users of the favorite type of gambling activity — table and card games — is extremely wide. By catering to their interests, you increase your offerings, but more importantly, you create an opportunity for other players to shift their attention to other products in search of new gaming experiences.

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